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The beauty of a river that differs from that of the ocean. The collaboration of the sun, greenery, and fish. -From Nakagawa River to world rivers, then to the longing sea-20,000 fish of 300 species are represented in the river aquarium.

It's just like being a fish.

Nature, from the source of Nakagawa River to downriver, is recreated. A large acrylic glass wall rises from the floor for a view of the half submerged water tank, with real trees and flowers in the ground section.
Sunlight coming through the leaves shine down, spreading in the water, swaying in the wind, and leaves and flower petals fall from the real trees gently sink in the riverbed, with lively fish swimming around... By gazing up to the sky from the bottom of the river, a space where you feel just like a fish has been created.

The dynamic fish of the Nakagawa River

The fish have been raised in the nature-themed water tank and swim around leisurely. Various phases can be seen according to the season, such as changing to bright courtship colors during the mating season, and demonstrating their dynamic egg laying activities.
The fish grow in an aquarium which recreates nature, actively swimming, and showing off their bright mating colors during the egg laying period and dynamic breeding behaviors.
The display story is “From the Nakagawa River to world rivers, then to the longing sea.”Experience the beauty of the river that has been, up to now, too close to notice.

View the impressive large aquarium of the Amazon through the 360℃ panorama tubular tunnel.

Experience the Amazon River in the huge tank

The world’s largest river, the Amazon, is recreated in a 400 ton aquarium.The tunnel passes through the water tank, bringing the spectacular Amazon River right in front of you, as giant fish swim above your head and schools of fish hide under your feet.
Approximately 100 kinds of unique fish are swimming in the aquarium. Of course there are piranhas, but also catfish and rays, as well as small 2cm fish to the Pirarucu, the largest fish in the Amazon reaching sizes over 2m.
Light abundantly shimmers through the water, creating a dynamic water world as if it is a different spacial dimension. The “Amazon Large Water Tank” is the largest water tank in Japan to display fish from the Amazon River. Experience the magnificence of nature and the complexity of living creatures.

Various experience opportunities that are fun to not just watch, but join in! Craft Studio, Cooking Studio, Fish Laboratory

Enjoy making your own unique items!

At the Craft Studio, you can enjoy making your own unique works using Japanese paper, cocoons, and locally produced wood and bamboo while learning all about the traditional crafts that have been handed down over the generations in the area.

Click here for information about the Craft Studio

Enjoy the homemade taste!

At the Cooking Studio, you can have a cooking experience using local produce and enjoy the taste of homemade foods while deepening your understanding of local culture and agricultural products.

Click here for information about the Cooking Studio

Experience living creatures firsthand!

At the Fish Laboratory, you can learn all about fish and rivers and the water cycle through observation and hands on learning with fish and other aquatic creatures.

Click here for information about the Fish Laboratory

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