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The most amazing part is that this is Japan’s largest river aquarium.

The only aquarium in Tochigi prefecture. From the Nakagawa River, the best clear stream in the Kanto area, to rivers in the world (Amazon River), then to the Longing Sea (fish in coral reefs), are introduced in approx. 60 water tanks, in various sizes from small to large. The attraction of the river, which the sea does not have, is definitely the sunlight shining deep through the water. A large amount of sunlight is taken in at the aquatic park, recreating the scenic riverbed. As natural light shines through the water, the fish actively swim in the aquarium, which is an attractive part of this park which cannot be experienced at a marine aquarium. Download the Aquarium Guide

We are proud of our various events and experiences.

Under the concept, “just seeing is not enough!” hands-on experience events have been thoroughly developed. A fishing pond and a hand-fishing pond are established in the park, so you can enjoy fish and river from various angles. More than 100 various events are held throughout the year, such as “the backyard tour” to explore behind the aquarium scene, “craft/cooking class (craft center/food craft center)” during weekend, as well as “river fish tasting,” “fish release to the river,” “river boat ride experience,” “rice planting” and “Santa Clause in the water,” according to the season. Enjoy a different type of fun at each event you join.

In this wide park, there are many spots popular with children!

The park is five times larger than Tokyo Dome, providing a fishing pond, a catch pond, water plaza, seasonal flowers, wide open lawn plaza, adventure playground, murmuring brook, and a big pond. The Nakagawa River, the best clear stream in Kanto area, flows next to the aquatic park. Experience fishing, catching, actively running around the park... even walking in the Park will definitely refresh you! Park map and list of facilities

At the cafe, various products, from hand-made soba noodles to fresh locally produced vegetables are available!

When you get tired of walking, why don’t you stop by “Amazon Cafe” in the Aquarium for some sweets? Or purchase a souvenir at the museum shop filled with river fish-themed goods and original goods. Inside the park, the Japanese restaurant Yuzukami offers hand-made soba (buckwheat) noodles using local soba flour, and there is a shop that directly sells locally produced fresh vegetables, popular with local residents for their low prices. Amazon Cafe Museum Shop Fishpal Japanese restaurant Yuzukami Local products Suiyu Mart

If you would like to enjoy some local sightseeing, there are many hidden attractions in Satoyama, Tochigi.

Nikko and Nasu are famous areas in Tochigi, but there are many places to see in the Yamizo region where the aquatic park is located. “The Nakagawa River,” the best clear stream in the Kanto area, rivals the Shimanto River in Shikoku, known as the last limpid stream in Japan. Along the river, there are many places to see, from a fishweir to enjoy nature to the fullest, the region’s original art museum and tourist farm, hot springs characterized by viscous water, and the abundant natural scenery of Satoyama. If tour all these surrounding spots, you will enjoy the great nature of Satoyama to the fullest.

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